Hello! Welcome to our website. We are WaMoBa, a family owned retail business based in the United States.

We want to share the beauty of these bags with the world while making the Wayuu people of Colombia known. This will surely help preserve their culture for many generations to come!

Our team works hard every day, striving for rapid growth while creating a fantastic company.

We promise to bring you the highest quality Wayuu Backpacks and 100% made by Wayuu artisans!

With your support, our company will grow rapidly and the Wayuu will be able to continue building their indigenous culture.

Promote the productive, innovative, inclusive, cultural and sustainable development of the artisan sector worldwide, in this way guaranteeing the preservation of the cultural heritage that is represented in each of the different artisan fabrics

specific objectives

  • Influence the client on the guarantee that each handicraft has and the benefits when buying each one of the items with the Wayuu economy.
  • Facilitate the marketing of handicrafts internationally, accompanying each client throughout the purchasing process and when sending their items.
  • Guarantee the exchange of technical knowledge and experiences that facilitate artisanal development jointly with foreign entities.
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